Yves Van Laer

Live reviews

Crossbonefest 2014
Crossbonefest, a DIY festival in a small city in Belgium; “Houthalen-Helchteren”. It turned out to be a weekend all about friendship, punkrock dancing, and beer. Lots of beer. A total of 31 bands played across two stages which was a very good deal keeping in mind that a combi ticket only cost 15 euros. It was an amazing two-day festival and lots of great bands played a super set. Most of the bands only had 20 minutes so they did their utmost to convince us in that short amount of time. Friday was more energetic, Saturday was more hungover.Read more
Copyright Call It Off
The 101's / Call It Off double album release in Altstadt, Eindhoven Friday night, punk rock night. Three Dutch bands were put on the bill in Altstad, Eindhoven. The 101’s and Call It Off, obviously,... Read more
Call It Off, Ducking Punches and River Jumpers in De Bunker, Gemert
This night has a great lineup, that's the least you can say. It was also a very late show due to the UK bands being stuck on the ferry for several hours. Luckily, it was all worth the wait. Call It... Read more
Copyright Lies Praet
Club Kamikaze in Mechelen is known for its free shows. This time Above The Underground and Me Vs Hero from the United Kingdom came over to play some songs. What made this night even more special is... Read more


Apologies, I Have None at Groezrock

I would rather do something a bit different and no one like it than do the same if you know what I mean.

River Jumpers at Groezrock

We do this more often, playing in living rooms.

Astpai at Groezrock

Our approach to songwriting is a bit different.

The Front Bottoms

I think this is the most professional stuff we have done up to this point.