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Live reviews

Groezrock 2015 - day 2
Day 2. A bacon and eggs breakfast to get the party started. First up: Belgian punk rockers F.O.D. made sure a lot of the Belgian “scene” came down early but it was also nice to see there were fans... Read more
Groezrock 2015 - day 1
Groezrock 2015. Here we are again. The annual punk, rock and hardcore happening in a little town called Meerhout. The weather gods promised to be good to us: it was not going to rain. Day 1. Due to... Read more
Crossbonefest 2015
It's that time of the year again: Crossbonefest 2015. For only 25 euros people got a chance to see over 40 bands. The festival doubled the number of stages they went from 2 to 4. There was a photo... Read more
Pukkelpop 2014 Day 3
Pukkelpop 2014. I didn't have the intention to visit this edition despite our list of 10 artists everyone should watch , but thanks to a lucky coincidence at work I received a Saturday ticket. Thank... Read more
Mildtfest 2014
Well, Dynamo Mildt turned 5 years old last Saturday. To celebrate they set up a mini indoor festival called “Mildtfest” with The Wonder Years and Real Friends as headliners. For me it was only a one... Read more
Groezrock 2014
First of all, we would like to thank Groezrock for the press invitation. It is very nice to see that they also believe in what we stand for. This invitation gave us the opportunity to interview some... Read more


F.O.D. at Groezrock

We sat down with Lode, Hans & Pierre from F.O.D. after they played a very special show at Groezrock. We spoke to them about what will be next, their temporary replacement on vocals and asked...

Direct Hit! at Groezrock

Direct Hit!, a punk rock band from the US, just played Groezrock. We got a chance to talk to them about the festival, other festivals like Fest 14, the origins of "Fuck You, Get Pumped", and...

Set It Off at Groezrock

We sat down with Cody Carson (vocalist) and Maxx Danziger (drummer) of Set It Off to talk about their new album, their cover songs, and corny pick-up lines.


How has Groezrock been...

Call It Off at Groezrock

The boys in Call It Off are one of the hardest working punk rock band of the Netherlands. Every weekend you can see them somewhere in Belgium or The Netherlands. Having released two EPs and a...

Timeshares at Groezrock

We spoke to the boys in Timeshares after a great performance at Groezrock. We talked about their new Album "Already Dead" and its influences, stage diving and having world wide fans.


The Smith Street Band at Groezrock

I walked on stage and was just like “YES”. We did it.