Britt Meulenberg

Live reviews

Twin Atlantic at Kavka, Antwerp
Last Monday Heartbreaktunes once again hosted some great bands at Kavka in Antwerp: Get Off My Shoes, The Xcerts, and headliners Twin Atlantic. This last band has grown much more famous in the good... Read more
Slam Dunk North 2014
Slam Dunk North 2013 was so amazing that we decided right there and then that we would go back to the 2014 edition, regardless of the line-up. As it turns out we were lucky and Slam Dunk provided us... Read more
Brand New at Hedon, Zwolle
After not having played a show in the Netherlands since 2007 and with four hugely successful albums under their belt Brand New will have to achieve the enormous task of living up to the highest of... Read more


All Time Low

We've been getting bras on stage for about 8 years so the numbers are probably up in the thousands by now!

Trophy Eyes

We never even thought this would be possible. Of course it's always a bit of a dream, but we never actually thought we could do it!

Taking Back Sunday

We don’t go out to clubs or anything, we’re just 5 weird dudes dancing around to “Last Christmas” by George Michael.

New Found Glory

I remember stumbling back to the bus and I fell asleep in my bunk only to wake up to find smashed bananas all over me!


There are much bigger things than getting into a fight with your girlfriend.


There’s less cooks in the kitchen.