Mendville Shows

Mendville Shows

We're a small DIY collective cooperating with a lot of awesome people throughout Belgium. Eventhough the whole landscape of music is changing. We try to stick to what we believed in when we started this in 2006 (under a complete different name). We never got any financial support which is the reason that this is something we put our hearts and souls in. 

We believe in honest bands that are able to capture sincere emotions, have a clear message/statement about whatsoever. Genres are merely a detail. Above all, the most important thing for us, are bands who play music for the right reasons and with the right ideas. We have always been a huge fan of giving bands who just start out and need to be noticed (but mostly don't get the attention), a spot on one of our line-ups.

We try to organise shows in a cousy atmosphere, for the sake of hangouts and meeting new people. For bands to have the opportunity to bring their music out and sell records. For the kids to enjoy & to bring likeminded people together.

We were honoured by helping the following bands in the past. They gave us the priveledge and trust to make something happen for them.


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