El Topo Bookings

El Topo Bookings

We dig music. Booking gigs in and near Mol, Belgium.

We put up ska shows. Or punk shows. Or reggae shows. Or anything you want. We also book tours.

Bands we've put up shows for: 15 Minute Powernap, The Adjectives (3x), Alien Abduction, Alpaca, Badass Bart, Bamboo Avenue (2), Beat The Red Light (UK), Bye Bye Monkey, Captain Accident & The Disasters (UK), CanIrepeed, The Coconut Butts (DE), Colors Dead Bleed (2x), Coma Commander, Darko (UK), A Dead End, The Decline (AUS), Eat Defeat (UK), Esther Van Hees, Face The Fax, Faintest Idea (UK), Fizzmits, F.O.D., Gentlemen Unexpected, Gino's Eyeball, Great Mugicians, Harsh Realms (NL), A Hero Build, The Ignored, Jars Of Moonshine (3x), The JB Conspiracy (UK), Jens Noir, The JUNK (UK), Kapy Go And The Insane Master Mayhem, Landing Atlantis, The Morning Woody's (5x), No Refund, The Octopussys (2x), On Tha Loose, Overweight (2), P.O.Box (FR), Poor Excuse, Poor Excuse For A Human, The Priceduifkes, The Raunchy Rumors, River Jumpers (UK), Seas Of Mirth (UK), Sidewalk Summer, Silly Snails, Smokey Bastard (UK), Snareset (DE), Snowbound, Sparky's Revenge (NL), Stand Out Riot (UK), Swift Manouver (UK), Timmy Hillfire, Tree House Fire (UK), Tyrannosaurus Alan (UK), Victims of Circumstance (USA), X-State Ride (IT), Zebras Are Timeless.

We have booked tours for Tree House Fire (UK reggae/ska, 3x) and Bear & The Woods (UK folk 'n roll).


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