Chumped announce Europe tour

Chumped announce Europe tour

Chumped, United States 'Bummer Punk', announced a European tour earlier today.

For those of you who don't know who Chumped are, just know that Elway's Tim is a fan. That has to count for something, right? This is what he had to say about them in an interview we did with him at last year's Groezrock:

I’m gonna go with Chumped from Brooklyn, New York. They put out a self-titled EP last year on Anchorless Records. It’s female fronted punkrock and they put out one of the best punkrock EP’s I’ve heard since None More Black’s Loud About Loathing. It’s fucking ace. The hooks are so amazing and somehow it takes these elements that have been around for years and makes something that sounds completely new and fresh and awesome. So check out Chumped. I do think they’re coming to Europe sometime next year but I’m not completely sure. I’m buddies with them. I went to elementary school with two of them so I’ve known them since I was five years old. Watching them play is like watching some of your best friends of all time become successful. They are making a place for themselves in the Brooklyn scene which is notoriously snobby. So yeah, Chumped. Don’t sleep on it!

26.02.2015 - free for booking (BEL/F)
06.03.2015 - Lille (F) @ El Diablo
07.03.2015 - Zoersel (BEL) @ JH JoeNiz


Chumped is a pop punk band from Brooklyn that drink and writes songs about feelings. "When you're friends with some chick who you hang out with or whatever, who then starts dating some other chump...

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