30 bands shortlisted to play at Groezrock MacBeth Stage

30 bands shortlisted to play at Groezrock MacBeth Stage

So, we all saw the announcement Groezrock posted earlier, right? No? Well, here you go: + Raised Fist - Official Bandpage + Diesel Boy + knapsack + Frank Ieroandthe Cellabration + Obliterations + F.O.D. + The Deaf + Call It Off +Under The Influence


The real battle, however, is the one for a spot at the MacBeth stage. Groezrock have just announced the 30 final candidates.

Note that 2 bands received a "golden ticket" and are therefore secured of a slot at this years's event; Under The Influence (United Kingdom) and Call It Off (The Netherlands), Congratulations! 

Voting will start on February 2nd at www.macbeth.com/groezrock

The Peterlees (The Netherlands)
Bad Ideas (United Kingdom)
COLT 45 (United Kingdom)
Drones (United Kingdom)
Taped (Liechtenstein)
Tiger Bell (Sweden)
Kill Ferelli (The Netherlands)
Lights Over Bridgeport (United States)
Shinebox (Italy)
The King is Dead (United Kingdom)
Seething Akira (United Kingdom)
High Hopes (United Kingdom)
Holly Would Surrender (Germany)
Jarhead (Belgium)
Mr Shiraz (United Kingdom)
Not On Tour (Israel)
Scream Your Name (Switzerland)
Speaking in Shadows (United Kingdom)
Stars Burn Stripes (Denmark)
The 4130's (United Kingdom)
Dead Giveaway (The Netherlands)
Ducking Punches (United Kingdom)
Straightline (Germany)
Versive (Ireland)
Lacey (United Kingdom)
Kill The President! (Spain)
Monday Kills (Sweden)
You May Kiss the Bride (Turkey)
Black Sheep (Belgium)
Wolves Scream (Belgium)

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