Twin Atlantic at Kavka, Antwerp

Twin Atlantic at Kavka, Antwerp
JC Kavka

Last Monday Heartbreaktunes once again hosted some great bands at Kavka in Antwerp: Get Off My Shoes, The Xcerts, and headliners Twin Atlantic. This last band has grown much more famous in the good ol’ UK over the last few months and recently embarked on a pretty extensive UK tour, effortlessly selling out 2000-3000 capacity venues. No small feat!

It is great news, then, that some homegrown Belgian talent gets to play a show with these guys. Get Off My Shoes were added as the opening act at the very last minute. In fact, they told us they weren’t even sure they would be allowed to play upon arriving at the venue. Luckily for us it all worked out and Get Off My Shoes got the chance to showcase their talents. The band very recently released their debut full-length album“Off With Our Heads”, yet it is already clear that the album features several songs that are bound to become classics. An incredible amount of talent and their catchy Foals-like indie rock songs provide the perfect opening to a promising evening. These guys will go places, mark my words!


Next up are The Xcerts, a three piece originally from Aberdeen (Scotland). The band recently released their new album “There Is Only You” so it is only natural tonight’s setlist is highly influenced by this latest album, especially considering the fact that the Xcerts cancelled their UK release shows to tour Europe with Twin Atlantic. Shaking In The Water, one of the singles, and Slacker Pop, with its lovely sing-along bit, were the definite highlights of the set. The Xcerts made a good impression and is a very promising band. We hope and expect to hear more from these guys in the future!


It’s finally time for Glasgow-based Twin Atlantic to hit the stage then. I’m just going to put this out there: I have lived in Glasgow for a while and fell truly madly deeply in love with the city, the people, the music, the accents, the EVERYTHING. Thus, it should be pretty clear that I had been looking forward to seeing this Glaswegian band with their glorious Glaswegian accents for quite a while. Having seen them perform in the UK a few times and having watched the band grow over the years I knew what these guys were capable of. My expectations were high, so it’s a good thing Twin Atlantic never fails to deliver. The first few songs of the evening are taken from the band’s new album “Great Divide” and immediately show that, despite Kavka not being a 3000 capacity venue, they will give it their best. Battling a chest infection, vocalist Sam McTrusty belts out every note of opener “Hold On” and still manages to pull it off. Not bad! What follows is a perfect mix of new material and older fan favourites like “Yes, I Was Drunk”, the anthemic “Free”, and an incredible cello-led rendition of “Crash Land”. Congratulations Twin Atlantic, you have successfully avoided the pitfall of playing too many new songs! Closing number “Heart and Soul” received one of the best crowd reactions of the night and was the perfect end to a great performance. The crowd may not have been all that familiar with the band, not everyone may have sang along with every word, and the venue may have been a tiny bit smaller than those of the UK tour, but it sure was a fun night. In the end that’s all you can ask for, right? Well done lads.

Thanks for reading. This longing-for-Glasgow homesick mess will now be frantically searching for cheap flights whilst brushing up on her Scottish accent. Glasgow, if ah don’t see ye aboot ah’ll see ye a sanny!


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