Mildtfest 2014

Mildtfest was great. Let’s do this again sometime. Don’t wait another five years please!
Mildtfest 2014

Well, Dynamo Mildt turned 5 years old last Saturday. To celebrate they set up a mini indoor festival called “Mildtfest” with The Wonder Years and Real Friends as headliners.

For me it was only a one hour drive to Eindhoven, since I live in Antwerp. We were there before I even realised it. When entering the venue the employees asked to see my ID to check if I was of legal drinking age. Being 28 years old it felt like a compliment and I was off to a great start of the night. It’s such a shame that the bounced soon added “that’s old”. He was right though, since a lot of young people found their way to Dynamo that night.

Speaking of the venue, they changed their infrastructure a little bit compared to that of the regular club shows. The main entrance hall became an acoustic stage and the smoking room turned into a merch hall. That being said, the first thing we did was ask for a “cornetto”. Although we might have felt like eating an ice-cream, that was not why we asked for one. It was actually the code word for an entrance ticket to Major League / Turnover next Wednesday. Easy win of the day. And here’s a little tip: they have used the same code word in the past and will probably be using it in the future. Who doesn’t like a free concert, right?

After that we headed down to the “Kelder”, a 150 people capacity room downstairs. Roam was already playing. The British pop punkers were added to the line-up only last week, but it turned out to be a great decision. We saw Roam earlier this year as a support band for Neck Deep in Turnbridge Wells, London. They were already pretty good back then, but have clearly made a lot of progress since. Great attitude and, to my surprise, some people were singing along. That must have been great for a band that was playing their first show overseas. A good start of the day.

Normally I would have gone to see Call It Off, but my healthy young lad’s appetite prevented me from watching the full set. A man has got to eat. Nonetheless, the song I did see was spot on, as always.

After dinner I saw a little bit of You Blew It!, a band from Florida. The band’s music, “midwest emo” as they call it, was very difficult to accept for me. I felt a little bit bored. The band did their utmost to give a good show, but it was just not working for me. The people near the front were singing along pretty well though, so I guess I should just listen to this band more often.

On to State Champs. A lot of people came to see this band and to my surprise a lot of people knew the words! Highlight was definitely “Elevated”, the first track of their latest album The Finer Things. And what a fine thing it was! Man what a party. Stage diving and crowdsurfing all around with special guest Dan from Real Friends. Cool to see that the bands also support each other.

With a big smile on my face I went to Modern Baseball. This band reminded me a bit of The Front Bottoms but they were less uplifting than The Front Bottoms’ happy uptempo attitude. For fans of singalongs. This was not pop punk but it was an easy to listen to all the same. They were better live than on album in my opinion. Will check them out a little bit more.

I skipped A Loss For Words because I was anxious that, with the 150 people capacity in mind, the Kelder would be packed and therefore closed early for Real Friends. As it turned out I was wrong, because the acoustic stage attracted a lot of people too. Anyway, Real Friends. Yes. Hell yes. From the first second to the last. They started at a murdering speed with their uptempo pop punk songs. Dancing, crowdsurfing, singing along. A lot of singing. It is always nice to see that the singer is not afraid of the crowd and gets close to them. For me this was almost a perfect gig. The only minor thing was that they did a slow one and then their newest track “loose end”. But we all could use a little break to catch our breath at that moment. “Late Nights In My Car” ended up being total mayhem with everybody on stage.



Ending the night with The Wonder Years, it felt really weird because the room was only half filled. If you count all the attendees it should have been completely full. Was it because of the average attendee’s young age and the fact that a lot of them probably had to take the train back home? Or did they all go to see them the day before in Tivoli? No one knows, but one thing was nice: for The Wonder Years it was their last gig of the tour. They were up for a party. And the remaining fans also fancied a party. The Wonder Years, with already four studio albums under their belt, played a set filled with some of my personal favourites. Not a moment of boredom here. It was a great way to end the night.



Or was it the end of the night? Turned out that Dynamo arranged an “afterparty”, which was like a karaoke with a live band. “Who can sing a Blink 182 song”, and then somebody would come on stage and sing the song. No one was laughing at people who sang out of tune or forgot the lyrics. Just great people with the same passion for music. Great concept.


Mildtfest was great. Let’s do this again sometime. Don’t wait another five years please!


For those who missed this event, The Rock Show Magazine highly recommends

Real Friends + Modern Baseball + You Blew It! in Kavka Antwerp and

State Champs + A Loss For Words + Roam + The Waiting Game in JH Tessloo Tessenderlo

Keep your eyes peeled on our facebook page. We might have a little surprise for you ;-). Hint: free tickets.

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