Groezrock 2015 - day 2

Groezrock 2015 - day 2

Day 2. A bacon and eggs breakfast to get the party started. First up: Belgian punk rockers F.O.D. made sure a lot of the Belgian “scene” came down early but it was also nice to see there were fans they made on their Spanish tour a few weeks ago. The atmosphere was fun and cosy. It were all friends just having a blast which resulted in a punk rock polonaise.

On to Timeshares, they are first timers when it comes to playing in Europe. I was pretty siked to see them. Even though their last album Already Dead’ isn’t really my cup of tea, ‘Bearable’ is a killer album. MC Karel was the party starter as he was fistpumping even before the music had started. Props. Make sure to see Timeshares next week in JH Tijl. I watched only four songs because Bad Ideas (UK) were programmed at the same time at the Macbeth stage. I was just in time to hear ‘One Seven Two’ which is a kickass song that makes me smile everytime I hear it. Well worth the run. Keep up the good work and keep playing full band shows, Bad Ideas!


I gave The Early November another chance after seeing them at Slam Dunk last year. Unbelievable it is the first time they play Belgium ever. That was a good thing, compared to other shows in the UK they now played the really old songs which got me soooooo excited. I waited 11 years to finally hear ‘Something That Produces Results’ and I sure wasn’t the only one. Heart melting. Kudos to the singer for staying cool when a guy just came on stage and stole the microphone … twice. He didn’t mind, in fact he rather seemed to enjoy it.


Our beloved Ducking Punches (uk) played the most honest folk punk you will ever hear. Sometimes the smallest stage has got the biggest band. DIY or die.


The Loved Ones announced only three shows on their world tour. Groezrock was the second stop after America. Singer Dave Hause (who looks a lot like Ducking Punches Sergio Tauroza) performed on the acoustic stage two years ago. I only knew his Loved Ones songs back then. I was pretty stoked to finally see them live as a full band. Even though they played a great set and Dave did the best he could with crowdsurfing and jumping around, I thought the crowd could do better. Unfortunately a festival is not a club show.

Dutch punk rockers Call It Off play shows in Belgium quite often but Groezrock was a dream come true for them. It was clearly visible that they were overjoyed to be playing the festival. Think early Greenday with a lot of “wooohoooows”. A mix for success.

Experienced ‘Wake The Dead’, the last song of Comeback Kid’s set. What. A. Song. I think everybody woke up after that.


American Hardcore band As Friends Rust have been on hiatus for 7 years. They played the Back To Basics stage. Yes you guessed it: stage dives all around. If you do not know them, ‘Coffee Black’ is a song that everybody should listen to. After playing that banger the singer said “Let’s just play this one 6 more times”. In my opinion he should have done that because the next songs never had the amount of passion Coffee Black had. Too bad.


Last band of the day for me were Swedish punk rockers Millencolin, I saw them last year at Lokerse feesten as a support band for Blink 182. Their set did not differ too much from the one they did back then. The only difference were a few songs off their new album. I expected more old tunes, but hey, ‘No Cigar’ always does it for me. Instant flashbacks of me playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

And that concluded my two days of Groezrock. As you can see, no Refused as I was not willing to wait for two hours to hear “Can I Scream”. But I saw a lot of bands, had a blast with all my friends. Heard a few songs I had been waiting for for more than ten years. Bought a ton of merchandise and did interviews with cool bands. And the weather was beyond nice (no rain!). One small remark: do something about the dust.

See you next year!

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