Groezrock 2015 - day 1

Groezrock 2015 - day 1

Groezrock 2015. Here we are again. The annual punk, rock and hardcore happening in a little town called Meerhout. The weather gods promised to be good to us: it was not going to rain.

Day 1.

Due to unforeseen traffic we arrived a little bit too late to the festival site but got in just in time to see Joyce Manor’s “Constant Headache”. This was a great tune to start the festival. This band recently got a huge amount of attention with saying no to stagediving. Lucky for them they played the Main Stage where it is not possible to stagedive.



On the way out some friends recommended Beach Slang. They are an Indie punk band from the United States and it was their first time in Europe. They played the Revenge stage early in the afternoon. Well guess what? Turns out our friends were right all along! It was a cool, solid performance which made me want much, much more. Lucky for us they will be playing another show in Belgium next week!

On to Set Things Right, the first local band. I’ve been listening to the official Groezrock Spotify playlist without paying attention to which band was playing. Yet withouth paying much attention I found myself humming along to Set Things Right’s songs quite a few times. Unfortunately there seemed to be some technical issues as the vocalist’s screams did not come across properly. The fans, who gathered in the middle, could not care less though as they were having a great time singing along.

Next up was The Swellers’ final show. The American punk rock band is about to call it quits and Groezrock was their last stop. It wasn’t a show for the history books but people should definitely listen to “The Best I Ever Had”, which was the last song. It left everyone feeling good!



Next we saw American punk rockers Masked Intruder. We have seen them last year too and now they made a switch to the big main stage. Personally I liked it better when they played the smaller stage as that meant a lot of stagedives. Nonetheless, the always aptly dressed Intruders played some sweet punk rock tunes which are very easy to singalong to. They also brought Officer Bradford, otherwise known as “the fun police”. He makes money stagediving and doing weird stuff on stage. Hero.

The Hotelier sounded alright from outside the tent but I could not quite remember a lot of the gig. I do remember singing along to “Your Deep Rest” and went to the Merch distro afterwards.


Frnkiero andthe Cellabration, who we interviewed earlier this day, is also known as My Chemical Romance’s lead guitarist. He is now the frontman of his own band and he played songs that were initially never supposed to leave his basement. For more about this you will have to read our interview with Frank, which will be up later this week. Luckily for us the album got picked up and we sure liked the alternative rock that he brought to the stage.

Of course we also saw a few songs by Against Me!. Make sure to listen to “I Was A Teenage Anarchist”. This band is known for having a transgender as a frontman/frontgirl. She does a fantastic job and is an absolute role model for others who may be struggling with their gender identity. In other words: this band is definitely worth checking out.

The Smith Street Band were on next, the Australian rockers are selling out stadiums in their home country and are definitely starting to get noticed in Europe too. I knew I was going to see them again this summer at Dynamo (link) and at Punk Rock Holiday so I didn’t feel too bad about having to leave after only two songs (which were top class by the way) for the more exclusive Motion City Soundtrack who played their album ‘Commit This To Memory’ in full, front to back. I had a blast singing along to songs I listened to when I was 10 years younger. Great feeling. Everything Is Alright.


Little time to relax because Transit were on next. Not that many people were at the Revenge Stage but the atmosphere was very pleasant. Transit released ‘Joyride’ earlier this year. It’s quite a poppy record so we were a little bit apprehensive about if it would be a good fit with the Groezrock crowd, but as it turns out I wasn’t the only one who was happy they were on the bill. They were so good I will be seeing them again at Dynamo next week. If you want to join the party: we have a ticket contest up on our website!


After Transit I ran to Atreyu to see the three last songs which were “Bleeding Mascara” (hello Warped Tour 2004), a cover of Bon Jovi “You Give Love a Bad Name” and “Lip Gloss and Black”. That was everything I wanted to see, so my timing was great!

I broadened my musical horizon by going to The Ghost Inside. It wasn’t a bad decision. What a bunch of passionate fans going totally mental to songs like Engine 45. Incredible. Kind of surprising nobody got hurt.


And to conclude day one Pennywise did what they do best: playing old school punk rock. With of course the highlight “Bro Hymn”.

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