Crossbonefest 2015

Beer for 1,5 euro
Crossbonefest 2015
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It's that time of the year again: Crossbonefest 2015. For only 25 euros people got a chance to see over 40 bands. The festival doubled the number of stages they went from 2 to 4. There was a photo booth, a tattoo shop, and most importantly: drinks were only 1,5 euro. Turns out it was sold out as well. Awesome.

To be honest at first I was kind of bummed when I found out Moose Blood had to cancel their set at Crossbone. That was a huge let down for me and at first it made me not want to go anymore. I'm glad I forced myself to go, however, because I saw a lot of cool bands over the weekend.


My Friday kicked off with Sons Of Buddha's set, the French punk rockers who I've known for years are finally making their way to Belgium. They also played Geel just over a month ago. Compared to that empty venue they got a pretty big crowd on the fourth stage this time. And what's even more important: their jokes got a response this time! I enjoyed their set but I skipped the last songs to be back in time for London boys Apologies, I Have None. There is something magical about this band. Yes, their new EP is not my cup of tea (I listened to it a million times already) but their older songs from the London album are top class. I wasn't the only one with that opinion. During the new songs the crowd was rather silent but when the older songs like The 26, Concrete Park and Sat In Vicky Park kicked in, the crowd went nuts. I thought these songs would be the highlight of the day for me. But then Dopamines came along. They are definitely a good band to be headlining this festival. From the moment they started playing until the very end people went stagediving, moshing, crowdsurfing, you name it. In the end, I went home with a big smile on my face.


My friends stayed over at the apartments of Hengelhoef and went for a refreshing swim in the morning. Apparently it is a great cure for a night full of beers. Just a little tip for all of you who are planning to go to Crossbone 2016!

I arrived just in time to see River Jumpers. They are known from playing Groezrock and FOD fest so they had a few fans who could sing along in the crowd. Along with songs from their EP they played "All Our Histories" and they debuted a new song that will be on their upcoming EP which will be released very soon. They told us that they would be back in Belgium in May. Hurray! After River Jumpers it was time for more UK punk: Munchie Girls. Lots of fans were spotted and many of my friends called them "one of my favourite bands", so the bar was set high. Max made a video of Feel It Soon. Unfortunately the chemistry wasn't there for me so after hearing half of the set I went to prepare myself for The Priceduifkes. I remember seeing The Priceduifkes at Crossbone 2 years ago. That was madness. Crossbone and Priceduifkes are a match made in heaven. They are one of the biggest reasons people come to Crossbone. Well, at least they are my reason to come to Crossbone. It's weird that you are more siked for the local Belgian band than any other band on the bill. But hey, as they do each year, they just killed it. I had to buy a new shirt afterwards because of the sweat. After a short break, The High Hats played what they called their last Belgian gig ever. It was one to remember for me, they sound like the beach boys on speed and the songs were very easy to singalong to. Then on to the headliner of Saturday: Mean Jeans. I haven't listened to them so I didn't know any songs. I was still in my happy mode thanks to The Priceduifkes. This band did not play a memorable set for me, but for others it must have been pretty enjoyable.

Crossbonefest is still my favourite DIY festival: the atmosphere is very much comparable with club shows, there are no barriers and no security. Everybody just takes care of each other.

So in the end it's safe to say: Crossbonefest, see you next year.



Gravity is relative. #crossbonefest2015

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