Crossbonefest 2014

All about friendship, punkrock dancing, and beer. Lots of beer.
Crossbonefest 2014
JH The Bassment

Crossbonefest, a DIY festival in a small city in Belgium; “Houthalen-Helchteren”. It turned out to be a weekend all about friendship, punkrock dancing, and beer. Lots of beer. 
A total of 31 bands played across two stages which was a very good deal keeping in mind that a combi ticket only cost 15 euros.

It was an amazing two-day festival and lots of great bands played a super set. Most of the bands only had 20 minutes so they did their utmost to convince us in that short amount of time. Friday was more energetic, Saturday was more hungover. 



Apart from all technical difficulties on Friday (broken guitar strings / electricity breakdown) I saw a great The Wating Game. Although there weren’t that many people when the festival officially started, frontman Tijs did not care about that and went full force. The band were giving it their all from the first moment until the last second of their set. Just the way we like it.

The Dutch Ridders, who play fast punkrock, also had technical difficulties. They were so enthusiastic they even broke a bass string. It was the first time in my life I saw that happen to a bass string. Congratulations. 

Arms Aloft really got us dancing for the first time. That is, until the electricity stopped working. Keep an eye on this band and be sure to watch them at Groezrock. 
Mikey Erg made us sing in unison and went crowdsurfing while playing guitar.

For me, Your Highness was the biggest surprise of the day: Belgian stoner-grutch seemed to work well on a slightly intoxicated crowd. Every song sounded just the same: powerful guitars and vocals, completed with a guitar solo at the end. This is not a bad thing, as nobody seemed to mind. The devil would be proud of this band.

Cornflames did their own thing, as always, and how well they did it! It started off a bit slow but when they played the first notes of “The Speakers” the party was officially started. Perhaps this was my highlight of the night.

One of the Friday headliners was Gnarwolves. In my opinion it was a weird choice because I had seen them before opening up for Broadway Calls in Antwerp and not a lot of people came down to see them. At some point in time between that gig and this one they gathered a big group of fans who were really up for a party. And a party it was. Great band. Props!



Saturday started off slowly with some words by Scottish band The Kimberly Steaks: “happy hangover everybody”. They were right, it seemed like the whole crowd was hungover. Nevertheless they delivered a fast-paced set filled with no-nonsense punkrock. It was a good band to wake up the crowd and I liked them enough to buy their album. 

Next up were bubblegum pop- and surfrockers The Lemonaids. Happy tunes from England; think of a mix between The Ramones and The Beach Boys. 

Afterwards I saw Great Cynics, perhaps the best band of the festival music wise. They played a clean set and seemed to have fun on stage. but unfortunately Iona’s singing was under par. I also kept wondering how much Giles’ guitar would weigh; that thing is massive!

From there on it was all punkrock. First off were The Murderburgers from Scotland. More people were getting warmed up and getting involved, but things really got wild when they played “Moron”. Good fun. 

It was a good warming up for The Priceduifkes. I saw them last year at Crossbonefest and that made me come back this year regardless of the other bands on the line-up. The Priceduifkes just released a new EP, Why Not, and played 5 songs from that one. The party started with 50%, their new track. The crowd reacted insanely well and instantly started moshing, dancing, stagediving, and crowdsurfing. One big party. Everybody should go and see them perform at Groezrock. 

House Boat had the difficult task of playing right after such a brilliant set, but they did pretty good. Some of the people in the crowd waited for 5 years to see them live and they really wanted to get the party going. In my opinion, House Boat slowed their set down a good deal by talking too much instead of playing. That was a shame, when they did actually play it was a lot of fun. 

Chixdiggit, with Kepi Ghoulie as special guest, ended the night for me and absolutely nailed it. Although I only started listening to them recently I knew most of their songs. It seemed like they played a set filled with all the classics. Songs like “Miso Ramen”, “I Wanna Hump You”, and “Gettin' Air” were a definite highlight. For the encore, Kepi took over and played some of his own songs.


I really enjoyed Crossbonefest and when I read my friend’s Facebook status updates it seemed like everyone had a blast. It also seemed like one day just wasn’t enough to fully recover. Cheap beer, great music, friendly people. Fine, there were a few technical difficulties on day one and the sound could probably have been a lot better, but it is a DIY festival and they did a great job.

Definitely will be back next year.


The Priceduifkes, She spells disaster, live at Crossbonefest 2014

Cornflames, The Speakers

Chixdiggit, Gettin' Air

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