There’s less cooks in the kitchen.

The Smith Street Band at Groezrock

I walked on stage and was just like “YES”. We did it.

Apologies, I Have None at Groezrock

I would rather do something a bit different and no one like it than do the same if you know what I mean.

River Jumpers at Groezrock

We do this more often, playing in living rooms.

Astpai at Groezrock

Our approach to songwriting is a bit different.

I Am the Avalanche at Groezrock

Playing music is the best drug anyone could ever have and it’s the reason why we keep doing it.

Elway at Groezrock

I just take my acoustic guitar and play around with it until it doesn’t sound like crap anymore.

The Front Bottoms

I think this is the most professional stuff we have done up to this point.

Ducking Punches

We could have been called Lippy Toothy!

River Jumpers

5 extremely serious questions for River Jumpers' Nick Davis and his equally serious answers!