F.O.D. at Groezrock

We sat down with Lode, Hans & Pierre from F.O.D. after they played a very special show at Groezrock. We spoke to them about what will be next, their temporary replacement on vocals and asked...

Direct Hit! at Groezrock

Direct Hit!, a punk rock band from the US, just played Groezrock. We got a chance to talk to them about the festival, other festivals like Fest 14, the origins of "Fuck You, Get Pumped", and...

Set It Off at Groezrock

We sat down with Cody Carson (vocalist) and Maxx Danziger (drummer) of Set It Off to talk about their new album, their cover songs, and corny pick-up lines.


How has Groezrock been...

Call It Off at Groezrock

The boys in Call It Off are one of the hardest working punk rock band of the Netherlands. Every weekend you can see them somewhere in Belgium or The Netherlands. Having released two EPs and a...

Timeshares at Groezrock

We spoke to the boys in Timeshares after a great performance at Groezrock. We talked about their new Album "Already Dead" and its influences, stage diving and having world wide fans.


All Time Low

We've been getting bras on stage for about 8 years so the numbers are probably up in the thousands by now!

Trophy Eyes

We never even thought this would be possible. Of course it's always a bit of a dream, but we never actually thought we could do it!

Taking Back Sunday

We don’t go out to clubs or anything, we’re just 5 weird dudes dancing around to “Last Christmas” by George Michael.

New Found Glory

I remember stumbling back to the bus and I fell asleep in my bunk only to wake up to find smashed bananas all over me!


There are much bigger things than getting into a fight with your girlfriend.