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Australian Trophy Eyes recently released its first full-length album "Mend, Move On" and is currently supporting As It Is on their European tour. We had the pleasure of having a little chat with the boys...


First off: can you tell us a bit about yourselves and the band please?

We're a band called Trophy Eyes. We're from Newcastle (Australia) and we've been a band for about two years now. And... we love being in Belgium now! It's our first time in Europe and it's great!


Like you just said, you’ve only been a band for about two years now. Did you ever think the band would go this far this fast?

No, definitely not. We just kind of planned to play some shows around our hometown back in Australia. We didn't expect to be here at all, especially not so quickly!


Was it always your plan to make a living out of being in a band?

No we never even thought this would be possible. Of course it's always a bit of a dream, but we never actually thought we could do it.


Did you still have to play a lot of shows in local pubs and work your way up then?

Yes, we pretty much played everything we were offered for about a year Then we started to get better offers and the shows started getting bigger. More kids were coming out. We had no idea where they were coming from! Of course there were also certain bands that helped us out by letting us tour with them when we first started out and things like that. That definitely helped a lot!


How did you get discovered by Hopeless Records?

That was because of the Neck Deep tour we did in Australia, the one with Neck Deep. The first time they played in Australia we were doing our first tour. Apparently they like to check out other bands and they hit up our manager. Things just went from there I guess. We just did two weeks in the UK with Neck Deep as well so that was our first international tour. It was really exciting! Big shows, lots of kids, that sort of thing. It was very different for us.


They took all our money!

Do you have some good tour stories from that tour?

We got pretty drunk in Bristol and stole a whole bunch of drinks from behind the bar. We ended up getting in a lot of trouble for it. Apart from that we didn't really do anything too crazy. There were a few big nights out, like in Glasgow, and we rolled a lot of dice. We had never done it before so Neck Deep and Seaway showed us how to do it. They took all our money!


Can you tell us a little bit more about the new album?

We wrote it in a short time-frame. We only had a few months to come up with some new content, especially with the signing coming up. We knuckled down and just around that time we were practicing at Cal's house and his family moved so we became kind of a homeless band. We were kind of trying to squeeze in between studios in town. It was really cold and we were all working full-time next to spending a few hours in the studio each day trying to get it right. So yeah, eventually we came up with “Mend, Move On” and we went to Karma Sound Studios in Thailand with our friend Shane Edwards, who recorded the EP with us. We hung out there for a few weeks and he helped us produce the album. We did a little bit of writing in Thailand as well. I think compared to the EP it's just exactly what the EP was but even more intense in every aspect. The heavy bits are heavier, the poppunk bits are a bit more poppunky and the bigger bits are even bigger and more dramatic. We are very happy with how it turned out.


The songwriting on “Mend, Move On” is almost disturbingly honest and always seems to be coming from personal experiences?

Yeah it is. I write about anything that I can relate to, whatever I'm thinking off. One of the songs, “Best Man”, came to me while I was on my way to work one day. I was waiting at the bus stop and caught a certain smell that reminded me of a smell back at home and a certain time. That memory just came back to me so later that day I went home and wrote a song about it. That's how those songs get written. It does get pretty personal but it's not like I would sit down and talk to someone about it. It's easier to just write a song about it. A bit therapeutic maybe.


Is there a song or lyric that is especially personal or meaningful to you?

To me (Jordan) it's probably “Convalescence”. It's a very touchy subject for me and my brother. The song is about our relationship and the relationship between me, him, and my father. When I sing that song I kind of detach myself, especially because everyone is having so much fun playing or hearing it live. It doesn't feel like a sad feeling when I'm playing it because kids are jumping around and having a great time, but that song always gets me. Especially towards the end. The last couple of phrases still give me goosebumps.


What bands do you look up to a lot? Do you feel like they are some sort of ‘mentor’ for you personally or as a band?

We all grew up listening to Blink 182, so they would probably be a sort of mentor for us. Kind of like our gateway into the music we're listening to now. People seem to hate on the newer Blink songs a lot but I think it's alright. As we got older we got more into hardcore and other genres. We just listen to a bit of everything now really. Trophy Eyes has definitely got a bit of the heavier influence.


I reckon they're just being immature dickheads

What is your opinion on the whole Blink 182 story then?

I don't even want to read it anymore. It's a bit upsetting and I've had enough! I'm just going to let whatever happens happen and I don't want to know. I reckon they're just being immature dickheads. It sounds like none of them are nice guys so it's probably for the best that they break up. I lost a lot of respect for them since this petty argument.


What is the poppunk scene like in Australia? Do you feel it is different from the ones in the US and Europe?

It was pretty non-existent up until about a year ago. Australia has a really big scene for heavy music, so if you don't play a lot of breakdowns and that sort of stuff it's hard to really get anywhere. The scene seems to be growing now though. There are a lot of new bands that play more punk music. It's quite mixed as well now. A lot of hardcore kids go to poppunk shows and vice versa. Here I've noticed that there is a little bit of overlap, but the majority of the kids at these shows were just straight poppunk kids.


You have already been confirmed for Warped Tour and some other great festivals. What do you still hope to achieve in the future?

We'd love to play some of the UK festivals! Or Groezrock! That looks like a cool thing. We heard there's no barricade at a certain stage so we want to play that stage! It would be cool to play whatever festivals happens really.


Could you please promote on local, Australian band?

There's a new band coming out called “Rumours” in Australia. They haven't even released anything yet, but in a few months or a few weeks you should definitely check them out. It's a rocky sort of punk, kind of like Tigers Jaw. They will be good so check them out! Also check out Ambleside from Adelaide. Check out Columbus from Brisbane. There's lots of great music in Australia!


Thank a lot guys!

Trophy Eyes Genre: Agressive Pop Punk/Melodic Hardcore Members: John- Vocals Pokket - Guitar Jeremy - Bass Kevin - Guitar Callum - Drums Read more about Trophy Eyes on .

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