Timeshares at Groezrock

Timeshares at Groezrock

We spoke to the boys in Timeshares after a great performance at Groezrock. We talked about their new Album "Already Dead" and its influences, stage diving and having world wide fans.

Jason Mosher (Guitar)
Eric Bedell (Drummer)
Jon Hernandez (Guitar)


So Groezrock, how was it?

Eric: Amazing!
Jon: Amazing!
Eric: I looked up at one point and I thought “Holy shit”.
Jon: Our friends in The Holy Mess played before us and we saw that it took people a couple of minutes to get in the tent so we changed the setlist and we opened with a slow song to let people come in and. After that slow one we played what the set was originally going to be. Five minutes before we started we were like “slow song, start, cool”. It’s exciting: the whole tour is based around Groezrock. We are here because of Groezrock. We just figured if we would fly over for Groezrock then we could do a whole tour too. We were very excited to play.


Let’s talk business now. The new album is called “Already Dead”. Can you tell us a little bit about it? Maybe tell our readers why they should listen to it?

Jon: We spent a long time writing it and working on it. We were touring with “Bearable” for a long time and finally we realised we had to start writing again and got to work on this thing. The sound is a little different. It’s a little more coming from a pool of influences that means a lot to us that I don’t think we were ready to dig into when we were doing “Bearable”. And we are very proud of it.
Eric: I feel like we were super happy to put “Bearable” out but this one has a different level of pride. I think it’s because we all came together and were just like “hey we want to try something like this and this and that”. It was a mashup of all the things that we love.
Jon: The four of us have been playing together for longer than I have realised and I think the record sounds like it. It sounds like we are getting better!


It sounds like we are getting better!

Jon Hernandez, Timeshares


So you feel that the new work is a step up from the previous album?

Jon: I think it is different. There are always going to be people who like “bearable” more. That’s only natural and we love “bearable”. We are still extremely proud of it. It took us around three years or something like that. We had been done with the record for a long time but when it came to getting it released that took a long time. Something like three years.


So you just mentioned some influences that you didn’t tap into before. What would you say those influences were?

Jon: You can hear a little bit of Lucero or a Drive By Truckers type of vibe in there. I think I was listening to a lot of Supertramp while writing it. We all write songs so all four of us would say different things. 
Eric: I was reaching for Paul Simon things in my brain.
Jon: And I’m a huge Elvis Costello nerd so it is all in there.


So for example, you write a whole song and put that one out and then someone else writes a whole song?

Jon: We come in with a framework and then the whole band works it out and finishes it. Usually whoever is singing comes up with the skeleton for that part.


Joyce Manor, who are also playing Groezrock, had a little crowd surfing incident. What is your opinion on crowd surfing? Are people allowed to do it during your gig?

Jon: You have to identify when people are too much and people are getting hurt. Joyce Manor was put in a very difficult position because people love their band so much. It is a difficult position to take people who appreciate you and love and support what you do and tell them they are going too far. People went crazy for Joyce Manor. We don’t have the problems that Joyce Manor has. Stage divers happen to us too, but Joyce Manor is Joyce Manor. I think I support what they did. You have smaller people. You have women up front. And you don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t stand in front of a crowd and watch your band because they are going to get hurt by a drunk guy jumping on them. But at the same time that drunk guy on them also loves you and supports what you do and wants you to keep doing what you do, so it’s a compromising position. I think they did good. I mean, there is a place for stage divers. But you’ve got to be careful.


If the band paid the rent just once, I’d take that as a victory!

Jon Hernandez, Timeshares


When you started playing there was this guy.. his name is Karel and he was so pumped to see you!

Jon: I think I saw him! I think I saw him! He was over at Mike’s side, right? We did the slow song to get people in and when we started and made all the first noises I saw him getting ready and walking around thinking “yeaaahhh they are going to play!” For him I felt really terrible because we started with the slow song haha. I was thinking “get to the second song, get to the second song!”


He told us that he had seen you guys at The Fest and was shouting “best band ever” to everyone. So someone goes all the way to America, sees your band play and then gets so into it that he is going mental even before you started playing. How does that make you feel?

Jon: It’s incredible on a Saturday morning. 
Eric: I don’t know how we got there so early (haha). I was hurting this morning.
Jon: Fest is a great example because we played Fest for 5 years now. We are regulars. We played fest for a couple of years and a year and a half ago we did our first European tour. And we played Fest after that European tour and we were like “oh those people who are traveling from a different continent, we know them now.” That is incredible! It goes both ways. People who saw us over here came and watched us at the Fest. And people that saw us the first time over there… It is incredible. It is important that bands from the US are getting a chance to play here. It is essential.


Is Timeshares your full-time occupation?

Jon: Nooo, we all have jobs.
Eric: I think we all aim to do that. Not quite yet now.
Jon: If the band paid the rent just once, I’d take that as a victory!


What do you do back at home then?

Jon: I deliver food in Philadelphia. It is the only job that lets me go on tour and when I get back I still have that job.
Jason: I’m a dog walker. I have my own company. It is just me though but I can pay my rent and I can pay my bills and I can still afford my beers too.
Eric: I help manage a music venue. It’s awesome. It is called the Paramount in Huntington, Long Island. It’s great because it puts us in touch with a lot of people. I’ll be at work and I can see, for example, The Menzingers come by or Restorations or PUP.


You’re touring with Astpai?

Jon: Best dudes! We love them! They are fun and we love their band. We are going to have a really good time. We love those four dudes so much. It’s a good match too.


It’s a co-headlining show. How do you decide who is headlining each evening?

Eric: I have no idea.
Jon: We probably just flip a coin every night haha. We’ll try to figure out who would make more sense to be the headliner that night. We are not even from here so for us it does not matter too much. 


Some people think that the band that has had to travel the farthest should be the headliner...

Eric: That is funny because in the US it is usually the opposite. Sometimes people will leave later in the show if you put on a local band as headliner. People try to stick a local on so everybody would stay longer and watch the local. It is so much easier over here.


Which band would you like to promote?

Jason: I’ve got to give a shoutout to my boys in “Outta Gas”. Our really good friend Jared who was always our roadie is in it. He went through everything with us. We actually get to have fun now and he is the drummer in that band and our good friend Alex is in it too. They just put out an EP on Dead Broke Records. That’s Mike Thumbs’ (Iron Chic) record label. They are on tour right now in the States.
Eric: You actually pulled the words out of my mouth. They don’t need the recommendation at this point but Iron Chic, our good friends. Also we are doing some dates over here with a Long Island band called Broadcaster. They keep popping up and it is really exciting to do stuff with them.
Jon: You know who hasn’t been to Europe yet? Cayetana. I love them so much and they are doing great in the States right now. They are amazing so check out the record. It is called “Nervous Like Me”. It came out on Tiny Engines. They learned how to play together. Their drummer used to take drum lessons in my basement with the drummer from Luther and they are amazing now. They should be over here ASAP. 


Listen to 'Spend The Night', taken from their album "Already Dead", released on 28 april 2015 on SideOneDummy Records.


Timeshares is a punk rock band with roots tracing back to cold but peaceful upstate, New York. Just prior to their official formation in 2009, the burning desire for overpriced rent, constant traffic...

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