Set It Off at Groezrock

Set It Off at Groezrock

We sat down with Cody Carson (vocalist) and Maxx Danziger (drummer) of Set It Off to talk about their new album, their cover songs, and corny pick-up lines.


How has Groezrock been treating you so far?

Maxx: Not too bad, we just finished our set! We had some technical difficulties but we got through them pretty well. And it’s a sunny, beautiful day. That’s the good thing about the tents:if it does rain it's still nice. 
Cody: We did have some sound difficulties during the first two songs but we got through them. The crowd could hear everything just fine but we couldn't hear ourselves. 


I wonder if Slipknot has heard our record.

Cody Carson, Set It Off


So, you recently released “Duality”. How does it differ from the Slipknot song that bears the same title?

Maxx: (laughs) Very, very, very, very different. I don't think once do we mention "putting our fingers in our own eyes". We were thinking about it though ;-). We love that song by the way. It is a great song. Funny question.
Cody: The biggest difference is that it is not happy at all. And ours is pop-oriented and influenced by the 90s. It has the same title so it probably covers the same subject. It is about being comfortable with who you are and not being afraid to share the darker side that we all posses. So that is what that song is all about.
Cody: I wonder if Slipknot has heard our record. I hope someone is going to ask them the same question.


The new album is very ‘soft’ compared to your previous work. Was that a deliberate choice?

Cody: We never thought about "hey, let's go pop". What happened was: we were always trying to find ourselves as a band. And when we did 'Cinematics' we were going for a specific sound: let's go more eerie. Let's go more aggressive. And we realized that the more we played it the more it didn't feel like us as people. We are not very eerie or “gothic-ish” people. We were like "let's think about the songs that we would listen to and write good songs". Songs that we would just go back to and jam on our own. We went in with that mentality and that turned out to be more pop-oriented, more 90s oriented and yet it still had the same aggression lyrically. We didn't want to be soft lyrically, like "baby you’re the one". This one is more about how full of shit you are haha.


On Spotify the most played song is a cover of Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk"...

Cody: I don't know how we got tagged into that. We did a lot of work on that with Against The Current. We played the horns. I played bass and Dan played guitar. It has over 5 million views on YouTube right now. It blew up!


Why did you decide to make a cover?

Cody: We just did a tour with Against The Current and they do youtube covers all the time. I do it individually from time to time but I love that song and it was a smart way to promote the tour if we did a cover together. I suggested Uptown Funk because I love that song and they were all about it. We almost did "Blank Space" but we figured we could have more fun with Uptown Funk.


Which band should do a cover of your songs? And which song should it be?

Maxx: Good question!
Cody: I would like to hear a cover of "Forever Stuck In Our Youth" by a metal band. I want to hear our happiest song by the heaviest band. That would be fun. Or Protest The Hero, put a math rock spin on it.


Nice shoes, wanna fuck?

Cody Carson, Set It Off


Back in the early days you took the stage with All Time Low. How did that happen?

Cody: I was bored in college. I was not enjoying what I was doing. At the time I was doing these covers and I was a big fan of All Time Low in 2008, so I covered some songs. Alex saw them and commented on them so I knew he was watching my videos. I wanted to feel what it felt like to sing on a stage. That’s when I asked him if I could sing on stage with them. He let me do it and then I got the taste of what that was like. It worked like a drug and that is how we started Set It Off.


Did you already return the favour?

Cody: To have him sing on stage with us? We haven't really played a show together yet. But if the opportunity presents itself then it will definitely happen. We still talk so we'll see. They are like us: touring a lot. It is difficult to make the timing work out as we are both very busy bands. It would be cool to come full circle though!


On your first EP there is this song called "I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I can make your bed rock". Was that your pick-up line?

Cody: Hahaha, I heard someone say that as a pick-up line and I thought: "this needs to be a song title". We were really 18 and 19 back then and we named our album after an inside joke. It was funny.


Do you still use corny pick-up lines?

Cody: Oh God no. I'd rather just have a conversation. My favourite one is: "Nice shoes, wanna fuck?". Works everytime.


Which band would you promote?

Maxx: You should definitely check out: "A Hero's Fate". Actually, the guitarist of that band was the one that told me about Set It Off and that is how I ended up touring with them. Great guys, good band.
Cody: I’ll name another one. They made a comeback and I don't know if they are still together or not but regardless check them out: "Select Start". A band that played awesome shows in Tampa and made really cool music. Select Start, like on the Nintendo controller.

Set It Off
There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Set It Off is a band from Tampa, Florida, formed in 2008. Members include: Cody Carson (vocals, guitar), Zach Dewall (guitar, vocals), Austin Kerr (bass...

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