F.O.D. at Groezrock

F.O.D. at Groezrock

We sat down with Lode, Hans & Pierre from F.O.D. after they played a very special show at Groezrock. We spoke to them about what will be next, their temporary replacement on vocals and asked them about F.O.D. Fest 2.


Could you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

Lode: I’m Lode from F.O.D. I’m the drummer.
Hans: I’m Hans from F.O.D. I play guitar and I sing.
Pierre: I’m Pierre and I’m the bassist.


How was playing Groezrock?

Hans: Fucking awesome. You should write down: fucking awesome. Really good.
Lode: Lots of energy from the crowd. It was like a dream come true.
Hans: The tent was packed. It was full. Before the show I hoped for half the tent but it was more than I could have ever expected.
Lode: People were singing along and having a great time partying. Moshpits, stage dives and even a polonaise. The sound at this stage was perfect too. In general there was just a really good vibe on stage.


I think the internet is doing a good job in spreading our music.

Lode De Feyter, F.O.D.

For some bands Groezrock is the ultimate goal…

Lode & Hans: It is for us too.


So what is the next thing you are going to do? How will you top this?

Lode: This was our final stop (jokes).
Hans: Let’s call it a day (jokes).
Lode: No indeed, what are we going to do next year? We’ve done it all now. 
Pierre: There are still many other cool shows that we are looking forward to… Punk Rock Holiday is coming up and in Belgium there’s still Pukkelpop. We are not playing Pukkelpop this year but it is definitely a goal.
Hans: It doesn’t have to be that big. We are quite happy playing small stages and there are a lot of small festivals we haven’t played yet. And maybe we can go abroad again.


Talking about going abroad: do tell us something about the last tour in Spain!

Lode: We played Paris with Ten Foot Pole but that was not a tour, just one show in Paris. Spain was just plain awesome. Really it was much more than we expected. Four gigs. When we were in Canada we played small shows just like we do in Belgium. When we were in Spain the shows were small too but every venue was fully packed and everyone was going crazy and everyone was singing along.
Hans: They all know every song! That was a big surprise to us.
Lode: I think the internet is doing a good job in spreading our music.
Hans: The fact that they did practice and that they knew all of our songs is something I don’t take for granted. People in Spain really know our music so that was a pleasant surprise.
Lode: We never underestimate the impact of underground music blogs, like yours for example, because it really helps us spreading the music.
Pierre: It also gives the bands an amazing energy and vibe. When you see the crowd interacting with you. Amazing.


So Canada and Spain were two great experiences… Are there going to be more tours abroad?

Hans: Probably, we have no plans yet though.
Pierre: We have no plans, but we never say no…
Hans: If opportunity knocks, we’ll open the door.
Lode: But we have our limits. We all have families and jobs. That is very difficult. We can do one week a year.


Talking about cool gigs: Will there be a second F.O.D. Fest?

Hans: We thought about it, but we did not plan anything yet.
Lode: We thought about it while we were on tour. 
Pierre: Actually F.O.D. Fest started as an album release for Trick Of The Trade. 
Hans: We wanted to invite so many bands and we didn’t want to say no to any of them so we just let them all play.


Are other people asking about F.O.D. Fest 2?

Lode: They were before but not so often now.
Hans: From time to time. Maybe we are going to repeat that, maybe next year, maybe when we release a new album sometime in the future.
Lode: If we repeat it this year it will be smaller because last year it was a CD release. About half of the people were fans of ours and the other half were friends and family who wouldn’t normally come to a show.
Hans: It was really packed last year.
Lode: So if we organize something like that, without family, it will not be as packed as last year.


I wrote “Soundtrack Of My Life” while I was taking a bath so I created that one in 15 minutes.

Hans Roofthooft, F.O.D.


The album you released at that show consists of 17 tracks! Is it that easy for you to write a song?

Hans: Yeah it is. I think we had 21 songs and we had to cut four of them. 17 made it to the album and two of them were recorded as bonus tracks for the vinyl release of “Ontario”.
Lode: Hans is the music shitter. He just shits it.
Hans: I write quite easily and I write all the time. Writing lyrics is the most difficult part as I’m not that good at that. That always takes some time. Writing music comes quite naturally to me. Usually I’m writing songs in my head when I’m riding my bike to work, or when I take a bath, or take a shit (haha).


Is there a song that came from taking a shit?

Hans: There probably is haha.
Pierre: About 21 songs haha.
Hans: I wrote “Soundtrack Of My Life” while I was taking a bath so I created that one in 15 minutes. The music came fast.


Stijn is leaving for a trip around the world. Why is Roel the perfect replacement?

Lode: He is a good friend of mine. We go way back. I have been playing in bands with him for over 15 years. Small, unknown bands. Maybe you know 15 Minute Powernap? He knows the tricks of the trade. He can sing but it will not be the same. Stijn will come back, this is only temporary. It is only for 8 months.
Hans: Indeed, it will always be the four of us.


Promote a local band from your hometown!

Hans: Oh no, not one, let’s do a couple. In random order, everyone should check out Altitude because they are extremely good live.
Lode: They are the new Blink-182.
Hans: They have a great album as well but live they are just so good.
Lode: Best drummer in Belgium.
Hans: Definitely.
Lode: I like Young Hearts too. They are a little bit more like Good Riddance or Strung Out. The guitars sound like Strung Out and the vocals sound like Good Riddance. Strong and aggressive.
Pierre: You Nervous! We are doing a cover of one of their songs. They are good friends as well. I think they are a very good band and they are working on their debut album right now!
Lode: There are many more other bands like The Octopussies, Generation 84, …
Hans: There are at least ten more, but you wanted one so we gave you three!


Thank you very much F.O.D. for the interview and we will see you around!


Starting out in 2008, Belgian foursome F.O.D. started writing songs. Short, fast and very melodic, with no strings attached, as their legendary predecessors such as Green Day, Descendents, Lagwagon...

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