Direct Hit! at Groezrock

Direct Hit! at Groezrock

Direct Hit!, a punk rock band from the US, just played Groezrock. We got a chance to talk to them about the festival, other festivals like Fest 14, the origins of "Fuck You, Get Pumped", and Belgium's punk rock pride The Priceduifkes.


Could you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

Steve: I'm Steve (Maury), I play bass.
Devon: I'm Devon Kay, I play guitar.


So how was your show at Groezrock earlier today?

Steve: It was fucking unbelievable. It was super exciting to be on the other side of the planet and to play in front of people that actually care about your music.
Devon: And at the same time is humbling because you're on the other side of the planet.
Steve: It's unreal, so much fun.
Devon: Stupidly exciting.


Do you prefer playing festivals early in the afternoon or club shows late at night?

Devon: Hard to say... they both have their positives.
Steve: A festival show like this where we play early. We still had a really good crowd and then you get to enjoy that part and you can just be the “music man” for the rest of the festival.
Devon: Or an alcoholic.
Steve: Yes, that is sweet too.
Steve: Being the size of band that we are we play a lot of intimate shows and it is hard to say one is better than the other because if you play a small show for fourty, fifty people they come down because they really love your band. It is hard to say “this is cool but it is not as cool as that.” Both are equally great but they are totally different experiences.
Devon: I take the biggest audience in the world. I want to make a million trillion dollars. Punk rock is stupid. Punk is dead. Haha!


The very first thing that I asked Ricky of the Priceduifkes is how do you say "Take Your Pants Off?"

Devon Kay, Direct Hit!


What is up with the statement "Fuck You, Get Pumped"? Who came up with it and why?

Devon: That is a mystery actually.
Steve: If Nick (vocalist) was here, that was his answer.
Devon: Fuck Nick, this is our answer man! We are Direct Hit! now.
Steve: I like Nick's mentality. Where we come from, Milwaukee, it is fun to play now but there was a period where it was really bad. At the time Nick's mentality was yelling at people: "Hey fuck you, get pumped about music again!". And I think that is where it started from. If it is not what Nick was going for, that is how I interpreted it. Now it just turned into a thing where it is fun to say. We play shows, we yell “fuck you” at the crowd, they yell “fuck you” back. It is a back and forth thing that is really fun.
Devon: By the way, get this in your got damn interview: "Belgium is the greatest place on earth and I have never been more happy that a place like this exist" (slightly intoxicated).


Talking about festivals: you got confirmed for Fest 14. You are the Gainesville festival’s regulars!

Devon: We pay them off. We buy our slot in.
Steve: We give them about a thousand dollars every year so they let us play every year.
Devon: It's a pay to play, we have to sell so many tickets otherwise we are not allowed to play... 
Steve: If it wasn't for us, like investing so much money in The Fest, they wouldn't even be able to book the bands. 
Devon: You're welcome, Fest!
Steve: No seriously, Fest is a great experience.
Devon: The greatest gig in the world. We were announced first. We'll be there every year until they tell us to stop coming. 
Steve: It's like a cool merger of bands that are nerds and fans that are nerds. Nerd fucking orgy. Nerd jizz.


Which other festivals would you like to play and should we know about?

Steve: We need to start playing Reading & Leeds.
Devon: I was thinking Woodstock '69. That's the one I want to play. That is my festival. Whatever Woodstock Limp Bizkit played, I want to play too. '97? '99?
Steve: We just take it as it goes. If we get an offer for anything and it is cool and makes sense to us, we just do it. Who cares?! This is a fun trip. We get to hang out and play shows. And not suck.


Is there a festival that we should know about?

Devon: Have you heard of "The Gathering of the Juggalos"? It is the Insane Clown Posse's festival which they hold every year. It has bro's, ho's and friends. You can either hang or get laid and listen to psy music.
Steve: Our version of Groezrock is Riot fest. That is home for us. We got to do that last year and this year.


You went on tour with our friends The Priceduifkes. How did that happen?

Steve: Those are our sweethearts.
Devon: Our babies. We made them.
Devon: The first time we came to Europe we got hooked up through 'Panther bookings'. They put us with The Priceduifkes for the entire tour. It was the best time we’ve ever had in our entire lives. We made immediate friends with The Priceduifkes and we went back on tour in Europe with them a year later. They came over to the United States. We recorded a split with them and we played another show with them here. I think we will play another show with them anytime until we stop breathing. The greatest band on the planet. They helped us a lot.
Steve: When we did that tour in America I was new to the band. Everybody already knew everybody but I didn't, but in about 30 seconds: instant friendship. Those are the biggest sweethearts in the world but I'm going to give them a bit of shit: You are talking about Belgian beers like they are good beers. What is the deal with them coming over to the States, drinking shitty beers and not handling their alcohol at all? Drink drink puke puke!


They have got tattoos of your band. Do you have tattoos of The Priceduifkes?

Steve: I wasn't there on that tour but check out Devon's tattoo. The coolest tattoo ever seen!
Devon: Yeah, check this out: "Doe Die Broek Oat". We hadn’t met them yet when we got off the plane. We got out of the van with Casper completely jetlagged and tired. The very first thing that I asked Ricky of the Priceduifkes is how do you say "Take Your Pants Off?" And then everybody started laughing and I knew that was going to be a tattoo. "Doe Die Broek Oat" is so funny. I can say it in Flemish too.


You get a chance to give a shoutout now! Which band do you think deserves the recognition?

Devon: There is a small band from the Oakland San Francisco area called Metallica. I don't know if they have caught on over here but they are really big in the States and I'm waiting for them to explode over here. 
Steve: For me, the bands that we made personal connections with doing this tour, like Maladroit. Guerilla Poubelle. Priceduifkes of course. Those bands that you formed those really close connections with. That’s who I want to see do good. And Pears, but I cannot tell anything about it right now. I said too much at this point.
Devon: Indeed, shut up. Don't give them spoilers.
Steve: When you tour with bands you become friends and fall in love with them. You hope that good things happen to them and when they do you see all the hard work they put into it. Punk rock music is often like "here’s three chords and screaming into a microphone." But the bands that matter still put so much blood, sweat and tears into making it happen. We got on a tour with a lot of those bands that definitely show that. Pears, Maladroit, Priceduifkes, Guerilla Poubelle, those are the bands that I want to see keep going.

Direct Hit!
Direct Hit is a pop punk band made up of members living in Milwaukee, Wis. and Chicago, Ill. that worship Andrew WK, The Ramones, and The Thermals in equal measure. Starting in 2008, they released a...

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