Call It Off at Groezrock

Call It Off at Groezrock

The boys in Call It Off are one of the hardest working punk rock band of the Netherlands. Every weekend you can see them somewhere in Belgium or The Netherlands. Having released two EPs and a first full-length "Lover and Liars". We got a chance to talk to them at Groezrock. We spoke about conquering the world, other future goals and much more.


Could you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

Sergei: My name is Sergei, I play drums in a band called Call It Off.
Adrian: My name is Adrian and I play guitar in a band called Call lt Off.


You’re at Groezrock and there are still a few hours to go before the show. What do you guys do to keep yourselves occupied?

Sergei: Well, we’re just hanging. I just came off stage with another band. I didn’t play though, but I’m their drum tech so that was cool.
Adrian: Yesterday was quite a rough day, so for now we are trying to wake up. We’re trying to get energised for the show.
Sergei: I think we drank a little bit too much yesterday.


Did you see some good bands yesterday?

Adrian: Yeah we did, like Lagwagon. Classic! I loved Stick To Your Guns too.
Sergei: I saw some great bands too. Stick To Your Guns stood out for me as well, those guys were fucking amazing. Am I allowed to say “fuck” by the way? Feed The Rhino was also a great band. I had never heard of the band but I saw them and it was fucking amazing.


Two years ago I never could have dreamed that we would play Groezrock now. We hoped for it though.

Sergei Christian, Call It Off

Earlier this year you released your first full-length album, “Lovers & Liars”. It’s a special combination of previous work, right?

Sergei: You mean the artwork and the double EPs?
Adrian: Well, we released two EPs and we combined those EPs musicwise, so now we have 12 songs. We added two new songs too and we combined the artwork of both EPs, which is kind of cool because it has a cool twist now. It is really special.
Sergei: Initially we came up with the idea of the first EP, “Lovers”, and we thought “why don’t we already think about the next one and try to combine everything?”
Adrian: So this was really the final step of the plan.


So this was always the plan?

Adrian: This was the plan all along. Absolutely.
Sergei: Yes. We were doing “Lovers” and we already had the plan for “Liars” as well. It was good pressure. We couldn’t have waited for a whole year or something.
Adrian: The pressure was on. We did a lot of shows and we put a lot of work into it and right now we are playing Groezrock so we are doing okay.
Sergei: Two years ago I never could have dreamed that we would play Groezrock now. We hoped for it though.
Adrian: We have been going to this festival for years now and it is crazy to play it today.


You got in thanks to MacBeth’s “golden ticket”, right?

Adrian: We didn’t even have to compete!
Sergei: We tried last year though, but we didn’t want to do that again.


What is your favourite song off the album now and why?

Sergei: My favourite song to play might be “Do It All Again”. It was our first single and that song always works well with the crowd and I like that good vibe. I like that song but I don’t know if it is my favourite song because “Diane” is really fun to play with a “just go for it” mentality. 
Adrian: I’m going to say “I Don’t Wanna”. It is underappreciated but I love that song. It is an old-school Ramones-ish song. Straight forward, not fucking around. 
Sergei: I just like to play man. I like our enthusiasm, I like the crowd’s enthusiasm and I like Adrian’s enthusiasm. He sometimes acts like a clown on stage. It is always fun. We have fun whenever and wherever we play.


There are so many dreams and so many goals, but I’m just enjoying what we are able to do now.

Adrian Delange, Call It Off

I heard from Lesley (bassist) that you are editing your videos yourself, for example the last Groezrock teaser?

Adrian: We don’t edit our music videos because we are not that good but we do have friends who know how to do that. All the other videos and “Forward Or Crazy” were done by us and a very good friend of ours. DIY because we don’t have any money. Not yet.
Sergei: Maybe one day we have the money and we will do some fancy stuff just because we can. Hopefully.
Adrian: But for now we just have to do it with whatever is possible.



As a band from The Netherlands is it difficult to conquer Belgium and the rest of the world?

Sergei: The rest of the world, that is a big step. I haven’t really thought about that one. Belgium is good.
Adrian: Belgium is really good but we have an advantage because we are from the South of The Netherlands and Belgium is pretty close. Belgium has always treated us very nicely. Our shows have always been good and we always get great reactions from the crowd.
Sergei: Especially the people are really good, and of course the beers too!
Adrian: I even think the presale in Belgium did better than the presale in The Netherlands! Belgium is very kind to us and we love playing there.
Sergei: I love Belgium. The rest of the world, well, that is another dream. We would love to conquer the world but for Dutch bands to conquer the world… 
Adrian: To answer the question “was it hard”, no it wasn’t that hard. I feel like the Belgian people love punk rock more. Like there is more of a scene there. We shouldn’t complain at all.


Talking about gigs, you did a lot of support gigs for a lot of bands. Which one was the most fun to support and why?

Adrian: That’s a hard question. We have got to mention Panic! At The Disco because that was our really big show. 1800 kids there!
Sergei: That was overwhelming. We got the call like 4 days before the show and we didn’t know what to expect because Panic! At The Disco isn’t that big anymore. I haven’t listened to them in a while. But when we came on stage people were just shouting really loudly.
Adrian: That was the first time we felt like rockstars. To have people screaming for you when you just get on stage and haven’t even done anything yet is amazing. The crowd participation was so good too. 
Sergei: All the other bands were amazing too: I can proudly say that over the last two years we played with bands like The Wonder Years, State Champs, Panic! At The Disco, The Story So Far, New Found Glory, …
Adrian: And all of these band are so down to earth. It has been a lot of fun playing these gigs.


A lot of the Groezrock bands are doing a tour around Groezrock. When are you going to do a full European tour?

Adrian: Next year!
Sergei: Hopefully next year. Actually we are in the middle of recording a new album right now although we just released our first. But we have the songs and we just have to record them now.
Adrian: It feels right to do it now and the next record is going to be another big step for us. I really hope so.
Sergei: We really played Holland a lot last year, we are kind of taking a step back now.
Adrian: We are not doing that many show in Holland anymore.
Sergei: We will still play Holland though, just not as often as last year. So next year, hopefully, we can do a European tour. Who knows, maybe a world tour!
Adrian: Whatever happens.


What is the ultimate goal? Because for some bands Groezrock is theirs?

Sergei: Talking about Groezrock: it was a goal. We are on the smaller stage right now, which is amazing. We always want to push it. We want to push ourselves. You can always get better, you can always do better. So another goal is to play another stage at Groezrock. My goal is actually: to play the Vans Warped Tour US. I think every kid that used to skateboard must have had that dream.
Adrian: There are so many dreams and so many goals, but I’m just enjoying what we are able to do now. We are actually able to play Groezrock. We were able to support Panic! At The Disco.
Sergei: I hope we can do this full-time. Do nothing else. That is the goal.
Adrian: That is the goal. To pay my rent with this. That would be a pretty good goal.


If you can promote only one band, which one would it be and why?

Sergei: Most bands are bigger than us haha.
Adrian: Sometimes I feel like The Road Home is not getting as much recognition as they should get. I really enjoy that band.
Sergei: I really like the album and they are great friends, I’m gonna go with The 101’s. They are doing great in Belgium too!


Thank you very much and enjoy the festival!


Listen to "Forward Or Crazy", taken from the album "Lovers & Liars", out on White Russian Records and I For Us records.


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