Adam Bilboa, tour manager

Adam Bilboa, tour manager

Adam: Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Adam Bilboa. I'm a freelance driver, backline tech and tour manager.

What bands are using your services?

Over the last few years I've been on tour with a bunch of different bands including The Front Bottoms, The Flatliners, Arliss Nancy, Apologies I Have None and Elway. I normally stick to punk bands and am lucky enough to have mainly worked with friends.

The best thing about being on tour is... Hanging out with my friends.

Adam Bilboa, tour manager.

You’re also in a band called leagues apart, is it hard to combine your work with your band?

Yes. It is hard to balance the two. Being away as part of the job makes it difficult to commit to things too far ahead of time with Leagues Apart. The same goes for my personal life, it's very difficult to balance work, playing and spending time at home.

Complete this sentence: the best thing about being a tour manager is ………… ( Why is this?)

I'll change the sentence to "The best thing about being on tour is... Hanging out with my friends." Wether I'm driving or playing I have the pleasure of hanging out with some of the funniest and most humble people. I love being on the road, be it watching some of the most talented people I know killing it every night or sleeping in the van in the freezing cold in the Czech Republic.


Thanks for the short interview Adam and the best of luck in the future!

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