Wasted 24/7 - Your Mom's New Favorite Record

With these songs, it should be possible to make every gig a party.
Wasted 24/7 - Your Mom's New Favorite Record

Wasted 24/7 is a powerpop band from Bruges, Belgium. Founded in April 2009, they have already released two EPs and managed to get a pretty solid fanbase thanks to playing shows all over Belgium. The band recently released "Your Mom's New Favorite Record" and here are our thoughts on it.

The album starts with 'Banana Peel', a track that has a drumline which is reminiscent of Green Day. It's all rock and roll with punk rock tunes (or as they like to call it; powerpop). My personal highlight is 'Run Away With You'. I guarantee this song will get stuck in your head as it was in mine even long after listening to this record. The lyrics are very easy to sing along to and the poppy rock tunes are catchy as hell.

Battle Royale, the fifth song on the album, gives the listener a bit of a rest. It is more melodic and very soft compared to the rest of the band’s songs. The powerchords make way for the fingerpicking guitar technique. This song reminds me of the softer songs of Creed.

After a 4 minute breather, the punk rock / rock and roll starts again. It's back to the Green Day-ish (music) and Blink 182-ish (lyrics) vibe and it stays that way until the very end. The songs are well-constructed and you never get a surprise twist in them, which in this particular case is a good thing. Instead of being suprised you know exactly what to expect and when the chorus starts again etcetera. Lyrics are easily remembered and it feels like the band deliberately did this in order to have people singing along at their gigs.


I keep imagining myself singing along and dancing to their music at one of their shows. With these songs, it should be possible to make every gig a party. Let's hope they really bring it live and live up to their potential.


Bookings: bookings@wasted24-7.com
Website: www.wasted24-7.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thehottestbandonearth

Wasted 24/7
WASTED 24/7 is a powerpop band from Bruges, Belgium The band was founded in the spring of 2009 by the two guitarists who shared a passion for real music and classic rock bands from every decade. Over...

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