Overweight - Back To The 90's

Five piece ska punk band from Belgium!
Overweight - Back To The 90's

"Walk the line, or else you will fall.
Down down down."

These are the words the five piece shout a capella before the trumpets and the drums kick in. From there on the party starts and just doesn't end. Make sure you have got some space to dance because this is inevitable when listening to this (ska) music. You will at least tap your feet.

Overweight sure listened a lot to old Mad Caddies, Less Than Jake and Mighty Mighty Bosstones songs. The guitar has got the punkrock rhythm, the trumpets are "in your face" and the drums are fast. This is exactly what ska punk should sound like. The album itself contains 13 tracks, good for a little over half an hour of music.

They try to sing very clearly and the refrains are, for the most part, perfect for sing-alongs: I caught myself humming along with the trumpets after hearing this album only a few times :-).

Title track "Back To The 90's" (track 7) starts with the sound of a dial-up connection (80's and 90's kids will remember this noise). This will give you exactly 30 seconds to catch your breath.

I am curious to find out what this band's live performance is like because, judging by this album, they should easily be able to get people to dance.

Fun fact: Leaving (track 2) has got the same drum intro as Masked Intruder's "Stick 'em Up".

Track listing:
1. Quicksand
2. Leaving
3. The Everlast
4. I'm Not Amused
5. Stand Out
6. Sunrise
7. Back To The 90's
8. All Time Low
9. Paranoïd
10. Astronaut
11. Rest My Case
12. The End Of The World
13. Summertime


More about Overweight:
- Website: https://www.overweightmusic.be
- Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/overweightmusic
- Bandcamp: http://overweightmusic.bandcamp.com/


2001. Some schoolfriends, hailing from Vilvoorde, Belgium, decide to start up a band. Some growing pains were conquered, and Overweight was born. What started out with several punk- and rockcovers,...

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