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Neck Deep live up to the hype!
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Neck Deep seems to be one of the newest (and with their first full-length album arguably one of the best) additions to the poppunk scene in the UK. Although formed only in 2012, the band have already received an incredible amount of attention, and deservedly so.

With opener “Losing Teeth” it immediately becomes clear what this album is all about: strong melodies, tight rhythms and infectuous sing-alongs. The incredibly catchy guitar riffs and the strong, somewhat angsty lyrics make “Crushing Grief (No Remedy)” a poppunk anthem in its purest form. With lyrics such as “I started looking past the point that you were always best for me” it also speaks about change, a theme that is present in most of the songs on the album.

The great lyrics and intricate melodies continue with “Staircase Wit” and “Damsel In Distress”, the latter being an upbeat piece of poppunk perfection. A song that stands out is “Zoltar Speaks”, thanks to its fast verses and skate punk influences.

Closing song, “Candour”, can be seen as Neck Deep’s response to their 2012 ballad “A Part Of Me”. Whether or not this one will be just as popular remains to be seen, but it is undoubtedly the perfect last song for the album with its theme of looking back for the last time before moving on to new and better things.

With Wishful Thinking, Neck Deep certainly live up to their already fantastic reputation. Although it is perhaps not the most surprising or innovatory album, it is a truly solid one that shows how much the Wrexham quintet have grown in just a few short years. We for one cannot wait to see what’s next!

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