Decade - Good Luck

Decade rely on talent instead of luck
Good Luck

Decade is a five-piece hailing from Bath, UK. Over the past couple of months the band has become increasingly popular, thus continuously raising the bar for its debut album Good Luck.

Unlike the name suggests, Good Luck shows that Decade is a band that is no slave to the wheel of fortune and is talented enough to make its own luck. Kicking things off with the title track, Decade give their listeners a foretaste of what the album entails. It is filled with angsty, energetic, and incredibly solid songs.

“British Weather”, which deals with the struggles of growing up, is a perfect single with its catchy chorus and sing-along parts. Where many bands tend to have filler songs, Decade seems to have successfully avoided those since “Fool’s Gold” may be a short one but is filled with everything that is great about poppunk nonetheless.

Good Luck is without a doubt an impressive debut album, displaying both the band’s young enthusiasm as well as showcasing their potential. The only bad thing we can say about this album is that it is simply too short!

There is more than one artist with this name: Decade were 80s french coldwave band. They released just one record: single Diva-Diva / Conquistador in 1987.

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